Here’s a little bit about us and who we work with.

Part of The Blueseed Group

The Blueseed Group is continuing its mission to provide the best digital marketing services on the market. Bluesummit is just 1 of 4 key business areas within the Blueseed Group. In 2018 we adjusted the structure of our business to provide dedicated expertise in each area of our operation. We now compromise

-Blueseed Digital the leading video ad network, providing ad tech and data management services.

-Bluesummit Performance Marketing delivering performance outcomes to some of Vietnam’s best brands.

– Blueseed Digital Agency providing complete 360 degree digital marketing services to our clients.

-Inspirato creating amazing video and social content enabling brands to spread their stories to the world.

100% Performance Focused

We offer a complete performance service provider connecting the consumer journey through brand awareness to a final conversion with best in market ROI. Bluesummit team are fully accredited speciallist’s on Google Search, Google Shopping, Youtube, GDN, Facebook, Bing Search marketing and more. Check out our full Services and Expertise to learn more.

The Best Clients

We work with many of the biggest brands and agencies enabling us to contribute to and learn from their success. We use these experiences to ensure we always deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

These are a few of our clients:


The Best Partners

Partnerships enable us to provide the most cutting edge services and solutions to our clients. We proactively build top level relationships that create added value to each of our partners.

These are a few of our closest partners: