Blueseed Group Team members at the 2019 Team Building Amazing Race in Madagui

From the early days our team was destined to be short on numbers, but that never fazed us. With some help from the GSS (Group Shared Services) warriors we created a positive buzz throughout the journey into the first ever Amazing Race – Jungle Discovery in Madagui, South Central Vietnam on the 12th and 13th of October.

Setting out early on Saturday, October 12th, our team were looking forward to our jungle experience.

With a few team members unfortunately suffering last minute issues and illnesses preventing them from joining our squad of 11 warriors combined to be a powerful force amongst teams of closer to 20 members throughout the weekend. We embraced the Jungle Discovery challenge bringing high octane energy to succeed in each and every challenge.

Through coded riddles, multiple physical challenges, white water rapids and more our A-Team remained enthusiastic and strong. Madagui was a great location for us to escape the city and enjoy nature and it’s challenges as a united team.

The Gala provided an epic close to a HUGE Saturday of adventure and our special and unique performance was judged the winner amongst 3 other great performances.

Our beautiful tall lotto game host was a smash hit at the Gala Dinner!

We will all remember so many wonderful moments together and utilize our even stronger bonds facing upcoming challenges. It was great to share these magical experiences with the entire Blueseed Group growing closer as a result. We’ll be looking forward to increased success as a team in the next 12 months.

Blueseed Group Team members at the 2019 Team Building Amazing Race in Madagui
The full Blueseed Group were able to discover the jungle together and as a result will be even stronger going forward!

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