Whilst we were totally focused on the Bond Club’s nomination for the best Best Relationship Building/CRM campaign the Gala Presentation Event gave us a great chance to see some of the other best work happening in the digital space in the Vietnam marketing market.

Let’s be honest, these types of events can be a bit repetitive… Add some form of AR/AI/(insert new buzzword here) technology to FMCG packaging and make a fancy case study clip with a few big numbers and you’ll fit right in!

Fortunately this year’s event had some great example of new, exciting mobile based marketing executions that we’re impressed and inspired by! Here’s our top 4:

Bitis Smart – A Shoe Can Make Kids Smarter – Mobile App Advertising Winner

Bitis challenged the notion that kids need to study almost every waking hour to get ahead. The campaign used mobile technology to educate parents that physical activity is actually crucial to childrens brain’s development. Bitis Smart tracked and reported in a mobile app kids levels of activity and helped them encourage their children to get optimal levels of excercise. The campaign effectively makes Bitis’ kids shoes a responsible choice to parents whilst also helping to change long held societal perceptions.

Durex – Love. Sex. Repeat – Mobile Social Winner

In the social media age brands are challenged to interact in ways to remain relevant amongst the latest trends. On top of this audiences are forever weary of typcial advertising messages. Durex sit in an increasingly sensitive space with the topic of sex being highly taboo in Vietnam’s society. Durex took their social content head first into topics permeating every day life and connected them to sensitive sexual topics in a native and entertaining way. The brand created impressive creative concepts throughout the year gathering incredible reach making a memorable impression on their target audience.

Google – Easy Questions Don’t Always Have Easy Answers – Location Based Services or Targeting AND Programmatic Winner

More than a company Google is a verb! The mission to sort the world’s information has been revolutionary and profitable but they’re not stopping yet. This case study helped to promote use of Google’s search engine in a smart and programmatic way. It connected user location to creative to increase relevance whilst showcasing the convenience of asking Google rather than people around you.

As a Premier Partner of Google this type of use of their platform across the full Google Ads platform is an example of the levels of performance marketing we can reach in our clients ongoing campaigns.

Lifebuoy Infection Alert System – Best in Show Winner

Lifebuoy Infection Alert System managed to connect the Lifebuoy brand to the very real issue of disease outbreak and creating locally relevant advertising creatives at key times. The campaign utilized real time information from weather forecasts and search behavior to discover when diseases could be about to break out and serve localized ads alerting mums to the risk in their area. Making the creative driven by a real risk in their actual area Lifebuoy were able to create a far more compelling message than typical brand building campaigns would do.


Finally if you’ve somehow missed it check out our winning campaign: