Business Leader’s Flock to the Bond Club

Bluesummit and the Blueseed Group are very proud to be co-operating with market leading steel manufacturer Colorbond on an innovative new marketing initiative – the Bond Club.

What is the Bond Club? It’s a combination of business based eBooks, CEO talks and Bond Magazine articles which gives Vietnam’s business leaders – also Colorbond’s potential client base – access to previously hard to access top quality content.

Bond Club Bluesummit Performance Marketing Campaign
A screenshot from the Bond Club app – available on Android and Apple stores – provides the best and most convenient user experience for busy business people.


Bluesummit and other member companies of the Blueseed Group are currently helping to promote the Bond Club to hard to target high level Vietnamese corporate executives. We’re also creating a data driven lead nurturing process to identify the highest potential clients likely to have a need for Colorbond products in their future projects.

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