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Bluesummit – The A-Team at the Blueseed Group 2019 Teambuilding Trip

October 16, 2019
Blueseed Group Team members at the 2019 Team Building Amazing Race in Madagui

From the early days our team was destined to be short on numbers, but that never fazed us. With some help from the GSS (Group Shared Services) warriors we created a positive buzz throughout the journey into the first ever Amazing Race – Jungle Discovery in Madagui, South Central Vietnam on the 12th and 13th of October.

Setting out early on Saturday, October 12th, our team were looking forward to our jungle experience.

With a few team members unfortunately suffering last minute issues and illnesses preventing them from joining our squad of 11 warriors combined to be a powerful force amongst teams of closer to 20 members throughout the weekend. We embraced the Jungle Discovery challenge bringing high octane energy to succeed in each and every challenge.

Through coded riddles, multiple physical challenges, white water rapids and more our A-Team remained enthusiastic and strong. Madagui was a great location for us to escape the city and enjoy nature and it’s challenges as a united team.

The Gala provided an epic close to a HUGE Saturday of adventure and our special and unique performance was judged the winner amongst 3 other great performances.

Our beautiful tall lotto game host was a smash hit at the Gala Dinner!

We will all remember so many wonderful moments together and utilize our even stronger bonds facing upcoming challenges. It was great to share these magical experiences with the entire Blueseed Group growing closer as a result. We’ll be looking forward to increased success as a team in the next 12 months.

Blueseed Group Team members at the 2019 Team Building Amazing Race in Madagui
The full Blueseed Group were able to discover the jungle together and as a result will be even stronger going forward!
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Blueseed Group’s “Bond Club” Campaign Reaches Short List for 2019 MMA Smarties Awards

October 14, 2019


Blueseed Announced on Shortlist for 2019 MMA Smarties Awards!

We’re very proud to announce that our campaign for Bluescope’s brand Colorbond – The Bond Club – has reached the Short List for the  2019 MMA Smarties Awards in the Relationship Building/CRM Category AND will be presented at the MMA Impact Event on the 25th of October.

That event will be followed by the MMA Smarties Gala Awards ceremony where we’re hoping to have more good news!

View the Bond Club Campaign Case Study Clip now:

View our case study here or read on for our full Campaign Case Study entry:



Colorbond leads the Vietnamese steel supply industry in terms of product quality and reputation and their ongoing B2B marketing objective is to connect with Vietnam’s business leaders who will make investment and construction decisions on factory, commercial or real estate projects.

One of the key struggles of B2B marketing is harnessing the new world of data driven, huge scale, artificially intelligent processes due to the personal rather than mass approach required. Colorbond’s marketing vision was to utilize these new capabilities in an efficient and powerful way to continue driving their sales team’s lead generation and obviously market share.

Blueseed was contacted to create the Bond Club – a digital content hub available on demand any time to Vietnam’s business leaders. The Bond Club serves to build brand awareness within the apps user base but Colorbond wanted it to go deeper into their overall marketing process. Colorbond wanted to use the Bond Club as a key driver of their Customer Relationship Management strategy, both increasing their customer database and utilizing the latest digital marketing techniques in real time to realize which of their customers is most valuable and help to develop relationships based on these insights along the consumer journey.

Target Audience

Our target audience is as diverse as it is challenging to reach. Colorbond are aware that big scale construction projects are driven by 3 decision makers. Project specifiers, construction contractors and the project investors themselves. Specifiers and construction industry members have been possible to reach through traditional B2B channels. Investors in major projects however, are far harder to reach. The target audience was defined as management level employees working in companies in relevant key industries like garment manufacturing, food production and amongst others.We focused on 3 categories of Specifier, Contractor or Investor and rate them according to their potential value as a Colorbond customer. The campaign would still be relevant to wider audiences interested in business related topics helping to increase their brand awareness of Colorbond’s products cementing their place as an industry leader within Vietnam.

Creative Strategy

Our creative strategy is based on 2 pillars – relevant and valuable content and an integrated Customer Relationship Management process.

Content Hub – The Bond Club was created to combine relevant and premium business related content on an accessible mobile first platform. The key requirement however was to enable an end to end, click to customer CRM process combining on and off platform data to deeply drive Colorbond’s B2B process at scale. We built the Bond Club as a free registration and easy to use Android and IOS apps members can access 100 of the world’s top business books using a custom built e-reader function, view in depth articles on emerging trends in the local business sphere and watch interviews with prominent Vietnamese business leaders.

Integrated CRM  – Users register via Colorbond’s website – and then download the app to have full access to the complete content database. From this process we have been able to gain incredible insights on the – otherwise difficult to reach in person – target audience. From ad impression, email database or website visitor to full member we track and score every single visitor to the Bond Club platform.  We track email opens, site visits, registrations, app downloads, in app activity and merge it with their contact and professional data (collected during registration) and build a complete profile of every single Bond Club Member!


The Bond Club needed to have a suitable value proposition delivering real value to a challenging target audience. Business leaders are by default motivated to ignore traditional marketing messages. Our solution hinged on playing to the 1 common passion our target audience share – insightful business content – but it had to fit to their lifestyle. Our insight? The device that is now most value to all busy business people is their phone. We built the Bond Club into a mobile experience focused on great user experience and value to members. All the while growing a valuable database of potential Colorbond customers. We had to understand what this unique target audience would be interested in and choose to engage with. For sure traditional advertising or even direct marketing via email or other channels would quickly be blocked out and ignored if we used it.

The beauty of the Bond Club’s creative strategy is that it provides a valuable tool to consumers which builds brand love and awareness for the Colorbond brand but at the same time it creates a lifetime relationship with every single user from a 1 time website visitor to a regular app user. This enriched data connected to app members drives a full view of each user and enabled us to score their interest in our content and also their potential as a future Colorbond customer based on their behavior and their job title and company. We are able to assign tiered value – Silver, Gold and Diamond – to each Bond Club member based on their professional information and levels of engagement.



Overall Campaign Execution

The Blueseed Group have led data driven marketing in Vietnam over the last 2 years. Investing heavily in our in house Data Management Platform (DMP) – Rigel Data. This became the centrepiece of driving value for Bluescope from the Bond Club project. We utilized data driven process from end to end on this project. Targeting true business leaders and inviting them to join the Bond Club, measuring their engagement and potential as a Colorbond client, continuously re-engaging them and scoring the response to all content via email, search, direct, from social platforms like Linkedin or Facebook, within the app and more. We utilized Salesforce’s Pardot platform to manage and measure all emails allowing us to validate our database sourced from Colorbond’s existing client databases collected over the years of traditional B2B efforts and we scraped available 3rd party data on different industry organizations. All up we were able to target 11,695 email accounts of which over 5,000 were able to become classified Bond Club members, of these we can determine their position, company and industry and use our DMP to measure their level of engagement.

This 360 degree visibility enabled us to truly understand the value of each and every member of the Bond Club AND continue to grow Colorbond’s reputation as an industry leader and build a sustainable platform that can feed the Colorbond sales team a pipeline of hot leads for years to come.

Mobile Execution

Mobile is now the key platform for almost all personal behaviors. To have a personal brand connection we MUST utilize mobile platforms. The key factor of the Bond Club is we want members to find the body of content we’ve created as useful as possible and package it in the way that our target audience would most likely use it as their use is what delivers our CRM process value. A native IOS and Android mobile app was the obvious answer. Unique e-book reader, video player helped make the in app experience premium helping the Bond Club’s members value their experience even further. We needed a perfect mobile experience at the fingertips of our target audience – business leaders and decision makers – to ensure that they engaged with our content as heavily as possible. This engagement is what gives our CRM extra value, we learn their interests and priorities and due to the Bond Club registration maintain solid connections to their real life working status (company, role, industry) and contact details. This means from start to end we can learn about Bond Club members, build and apply segments that can bring them through the sales process from aware to consideration and eventually successful customer.




Our mission is beyond typical lead generation. We’re needed to create a real time smart lead scoring process that delivers Colorbond’s sales team actionable insights on each and every contact our campaign touches. We assigned Diamond, Gold and Silver tiers based on rules that defined the most likely potential future Colorbond customers. We now have incredible power to learn about the behaviors, companies, industries and professional positions held by each Bond Club member and build data driven approaches and measure the response at every step of the way. It’s safe to say the Bond Club and our ability to learn from it’s growing reach will enable Colorbond to keep growing the brand and growing new market share for years to come. Not only this but years of databases were able to be turned into real time data enriched profiles via Salesforce’s Pardot’s integration to our process. We were able to truly bring offline audiences online and can continue to build on this now that we have an ever growing level insight into each and every user.


We’ve succeeded in building a whole new communication approach for Bluescope’s Colorbond sales team to approach build quality leads. Armed with deep insights on every single Bond Club members professional status and personal interests Colorbond’s sales and marketing team have been able to totally shift their communications strategies from traditional highly personal B2B efforts to intelligent scalable insight driven approaches to segments within the database.

Our innovative content has bought the Colorbond brand to the forefront of Vietnam’s fast paced economic development and front of mind for high level business leaders. Having over 5,000 (and growing) members registered and learning from their online behavior via Rigel DMP continues to drive market insights into the Colorbond marketing process which will be used to ensure their product remains at the forefront of the steel construction space.

Market Impact

Phase 1 has proven our concept, we’ve successfully had 5,000 Bond Club members who we can classify, contact and realistically customize our marketing approaches to each and every member. Colorbond can now add new strategies targeting segments rather than individuals helping them to raise their market impact immeasurably. We’re already heading into Phase 2 of the Bond Club where we will continue to build on the already successful base. The beauty of the power of utilizing a DMP means we can scale the Bond Club to cover unlimited numbers of prospects in real time. Truly a game changer in the B2B marketing space. Using increased insights to bring more and more relevant members onto our app will only continue to grow the opportunities to connect with the members in new and innovative ways for years to come. In this way the Bond Club continues to deliver more and more value over time as it grows.


Digital lead generation has proven to be less than 10% of the cost of traditional personal B2B network building. It can be automated, improved via look-a-like approaches and 1 digital prospect remains active and grows in quality over time as we observe their engagement and relationship with the brand. Bluescope had realized they had no choice but to embrace the power of the digital data driven era and the mobile approach is already delivering far higher scale at lower costs. This benefit of scale and increased ROI will only increase as the Bond Club platform continues to grow!

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Mitsubishi Xpander Eco Drive Challenge Promotes Efficiency Message Throughout Vietnam

May 8, 2019
Mitsubishi Xpander Eco Drive

The Mitsibushi Xpander model car has been a market success within Vietnam and beyond due to several factors:

  • The Xpander is extremely affordable for a 7 seat family car.
  • Category leading fuel efficiency make the Xpander good for the planet and owners pockets.
  • Innovative design makes the Xpander stand out on the street.
  • Safety and performance round out the package ticking all the boxes for typical family vehicle requirements.

The Mitsubishi Xpander Eco Drive Challenge

To highlight the fuel efficiency and help build awareness of the Xpander Mitsubishi are running the Mitsubishi Xpander Eco Drive Challenge. The challenge let’s contestants come to locations throughout the North, Central and Southern regions and attempt to get the ultimate fuel efficiency out of the Xpander. They test drive the vehicle for 100km recording the fuel consumption. The most efficient driver nation wide has a chance to win 150,000,000 VND!

You can see more and join the Mitsubishi Xpander Eco Drive Challenge at the campaign landing page here.

Bluesummit are helping drive leads for the event via Search, Display on GDN and Blueseed’s network, Facebook conversion and Lead Generation ads. We can help you generate leads for your next promotion too, contact us to find out more!

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Bluesummit Team Smash Youtube Trueview Performance Barriers

May 7, 2019

The Blueseed Group was born on leading the shift to online video advertising. Over recent year’s we’ve expanded from Vietnam’s leading Digital Video Ad Network to also cover advertising formats into international platforms including Facebook, Youtube and more.

It was in this space that Bluesummit was formed as a dedicated performance marketing agency. Upon mention of performance marketing thoughts often drift to direct response advertising. Cost Per Lead(CPL), Cost Per Sale(CPS), Cost Per Conversion metrics sit top of mind. These traditional response based campaigns are key Bluesummit services however Performance and Brand Awareness Marketing now clearly overlap.

Brand Awareness Has Shifted Towards Performance

The focus of branding has moved increasingly towards ensuring the right target audience are reached and that an actual response. This can be brand consideration or purchase intent must be measured, proven and achieved. Changing the basis of Brand Awareness Marketing like this is causing rapid development in online digital video advertising. Blueseed Ad Network has lead the local publisher’s evolution in this space and continues to do so. At the same time both Facebook and Youtube are pushing this space on a global stage and obviously that carries through into the Vietnam market.

Bluesummit Leads Youtube Trueview Brand Awareness Performance

In the past 12 months Bluesummit emerged as a leader in Video Brand Awareness advertising on the Youtube and Facebook platforms.

Here’s some of the key factors driving Bluesummit’s incredible Brand Awareness Performance Marketing Growth:

  • Team – Our award winning performance marketing team are the best trained campaign management experts in the market. Our Premier Partnership with Google and ongoing internal training means our team are always at the cutting edge of all forms of performance!
  • Scale – We’ve delivered more than 480m TrueView video views in the last 12 months (until April 30th 2019)! Up more than 266% from the 12 months prior and an average of 7.5 30 second video views to EVERY ONE of the 64m Vietnamese online population. With that scale our team can handle even the largest campaigns in the market.
  • Clients – We work with the biggest and best clients in the market. That means we keep learning and can apply this experience and benchmarks to delivering amazing performance to clients across all industries from FMCG clients like THP Group, Trung Nguyen, Lotte Group, Long Thanh Milk, Ritter Chocolate to brands like Mitsibushi, Techcombank, VPBank, Apax English and more.
  • Processes – Digital advertising is complex and managing campaigns across targeting factors like demographic, geographic, content, brand safety and more takes experience and clear processes. We have built solid campaign strategy and management structures that deliver precise results every time.
  • Efficiency – We have proven over and over again that we can achieve the best results at far more efficient costs than competitors and it shows in how fast we’re able to keep growing our client base and scale.

It’s not just Trueview, our team have achieved similar astonishing results in Bumper (CPM), GDN (CPM and CPC) and Facebook video campaigns.

Are you ready to take your next branding campaign to a whole new level? Talk to our team and find out how we can not just increase your campaign performance but save you money!

Bluesummit team at Google Premier Partner's Awards event 2018
The Bluesummit Team celebrating at the 2018 Google Premier Partners Awards Event!
Bluesummit News

Business Leader’s Flock to the Bond Club

April 7, 2019

Bluesummit and the Blueseed Group are very proud to be co-operating with market leading steel manufacturer Colorbond on an innovative new marketing initiative – the Bond Club.

What is the Bond Club? It’s a combination of business based eBooks, CEO talks and Bond Magazine articles which gives Vietnam’s business leaders – also Colorbond’s potential client base – access to previously hard to access top quality content.

Bond Club Bluesummit Performance Marketing Campaign
A screenshot from the Bond Club app – available on Android and Apple stores – provides the best and most convenient user experience for busy business people.


Bluesummit and other member companies of the Blueseed Group are currently helping to promote the Bond Club to hard to target high level Vietnamese corporate executives. We’re also creating a data driven lead nurturing process to identify the highest potential clients likely to have a need for Colorbond products in their future projects.

To see for yourself head to

To find out about creating a unique solution to connect to your target audience contact our team!


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January 24, 2019
Blueseed Group Company Trip

Late in 2018 the Blueseed Group (of which Bluesummit is a part) held its 5th Anniversary teambuilding trip to Phan Rang in Ninh Thuan Province. Dubbed ‘the Winter Soldier’s Journey’ due to Blueseed’s birth in the winter of 2014 the event celebrated our team successes from the beginning until now and the huge potential of the future. 2019 is a momentus occaision for the Blueseed group as the company expands into 4 unique business areas – Blueseed Advertising Network and Ad Tech, Bluesummit Digital Performance Marketing, Blueseed Digital Media full service digital planning and execution agency service and Inspirato Content and Social marketing agency – placing Blueseed in an amazing position to fulfil the needs of clients in our fast moving digital age.

The Blueseed team are a typically young and energetic group, they embraced events like trekking and rafting with the enthusiasm that has driven the companies growth so far.

Event’s like this are crucial in growing personal bonds between our team members and enhancing our understanding and co-operation between team members. This trip was extremely successful in helping our team and each other reach our goals. We returned eager to face the upcoming challenges and continue to achieve great success together!

Blueseed Group Company Trip

This trip enabled our entire family to have not just an amazing and memorable time but to refresh both mind and body and prepare to move forward with even higher energy to keep achieving our onging goals in the coming year!

This video highlights some of the the incredible experiences the Blueseed Group family shared:

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Bluesummit Team Reach Finals of Google Premier Partner Awards for Search Innovation

December 3, 2018
Bluesummit team on stage at Google Premier Partner's Awards Event 2018.

Bluesummit have been announced as a finalist in 2018’s Google Premier Partner Awards for Search Innovation. As a newly formed business unit within the wider Blueseed Group, Bluesummit are ecstatic to add this to our growing list of client success stories.  The Blueseed Group have had a dedicated team offering services on the Google Ads (and others) platform since 2016. We became a Premier Partner in 2017 so it’s fantastic to keep the upwards trajectory going in 2018. There’s plenty more developments to come in 2019 in our new performance marketing dedicated identity!

Bluesummit announced finalists at Google Premier Partners Awards Event
Bluesummit – Blueseed Group’s newly formed Performance Marketing Department – are thrilled to be recognized for our success in Search Innovation in 2018. Our team are primed to continue at an even higher level in 2019!

Our winning campaign

…was focused on smart lead generation based on great search practices and carefully planned strategy. Our client was looking to gain leads across a broad range of locations and our campaign was managed at a location level to cater to this smoothly. Sky high quality scores drove campaign performance achieving huge click through rates (almost 13%) and conversion rates(over 5% click to lead). These rates more than double vertical averages and drove the campaign above and beyond client KPIs.


Google Premier Partners Award Finalist trophy

The Google Premier Partner Event 2018…

was a thrill for our team and a reward for our hard work throughout this year. It was great to be recognized amongst other Premier Partner agencies and hear about what’s in store from Google’s ever expanding advertising platform, most notably the conversion of search from typed to voice… but more on that later!


Bluesummit team at Google Premier Partner's Awards event 2018
Our team in attendance were thrilled with the result and also to be a part of the Premier Parntership program with Google.

Bluesummit’s Google Premier Partnership

Our team have enjoyed a close and successful 2018 partnership with Google undertaking extensive and valueable training. Our clients have also benefited as we work closely on strategy and optimization  whilst growing our range of services and value we deliver. In 2019 we will be taking this further. Looking to grow your business in 2019? Contact us and discover how we can help!

Bluesummit News

Blueseed Group Introduces Bluesummit – Dedicated Performance Marketing Business Unit

November 21, 2018

The Blueseed Group is continuing its mission to provide the best digital marketing services on the market. This mission involves keeping our services ahead of the ever changing trends in digital advertising. Through a busy 5 year life Blueseed has grown from the leading Video Ad Network in the market into a local leader in ad tech. Inspirato a leading content production and management sister company was also launched and subsidiary companies like Flix (Smart TV App) Pose (Leading Modern Women’s Lifestyle Website), Chia Se Nhac (Top Music Listening Website) have been built or acquired.

Blueseed Group Map of Digital Marketing Services in 2018

Throughout this evolution our core services have continued to expand. We no-longer simply provide in or out stream video campaigns offering a full range of performance marketing (cost per result), media planning, media booking, multi platform campaign management, website development and management, data analytics services to name a few.

In 2018 we have recognized the diversity of our business and shifted towards a model where dedicated business units focus on their specializations. Under this new structure the company will operate in 4 distinct business areas. Our services will become more specialized and easier for clients to relate to. Of course our dedication to providing the very best service on the market isn’t going anywhere! The Blueseed Group Business units will now be structured as follows:

Blueseed Group of Companies Complete Digital Marketing Services

Blueseed Digital – Remains our core local ad network focused on utilizing our Ad Tech platform to connect Vietmam’s leading publishers focusing on Programmatic Media Buying & Selling and our in house built DMP and SSP.

Bluesummit Performance Marketing – Offer a complete performance service provider covering everything from brand awareness through to final conversion. Bluesummit team are fully accredited speciallist’s on Google Search, Google Shopping, Youtube, GDN, Facebook, Bing Search marketing and more.

Bluesummit Media – Provides an end to end media planning, buying and campaign execution management service.

Inspirato Media – Supply the leading Content Creation and Development, Content Distribution and Social Media Management.

Whilst our structure has been optimized our dedication to customer’s hasn’t changed. Contact our team to discuss your upcoming campaign needs whatever they may be and the BlueSeed Group will provide the perfect solution!