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Bluesummit Team Smash Youtube Trueview Performance Barriers

May 7, 2019

The Blueseed Group was born on leading the shift to online video advertising. Over recent year’s we’ve expanded from Vietnam’s leading Digital Video Ad Network to also cover advertising formats into international platforms including Facebook, Youtube and more.

It was in this space that Bluesummit was formed as a dedicated performance marketing agency. Upon mention of performance marketing thoughts often drift to direct response advertising. Cost Per Lead(CPL), Cost Per Sale(CPS), Cost Per Conversion metrics sit top of mind. These traditional response based campaigns are key Bluesummit services however Performance and Brand Awareness Marketing now clearly overlap.

Brand Awareness Has Shifted Towards Performance

The focus of branding has moved increasingly towards ensuring the right target audience are reached and that an actual response. This can be brand consideration or purchase intent must be measured, proven and achieved. Changing the basis of Brand Awareness Marketing like this is causing rapid development in online digital video advertising. Blueseed Ad Network has lead the local publisher’s evolution in this space and continues to do so. At the same time both Facebook and Youtube are pushing this space on a global stage and obviously that carries through into the Vietnam market.

Bluesummit Leads Youtube Trueview Brand Awareness Performance

In the past 12 months Bluesummit emerged as a leader in Video Brand Awareness advertising on the Youtube and Facebook platforms.

Here’s some of the key factors driving Bluesummit’s incredible Brand Awareness Performance Marketing Growth:

  • Team – Our award winning performance marketing team are the best trained campaign management experts in the market. Our Premier Partnership with Google and ongoing internal training means our team are always at the cutting edge of all forms of performance!
  • Scale – We’ve delivered more than 480m TrueView video views in the last 12 months (until April 30th 2019)! Up more than 266% from the 12 months prior and an average of 7.5 30 second video views to EVERY ONE of the 64m Vietnamese online population. With that scale our team can handle even the largest campaigns in the market.
  • Clients – We work with the biggest and best clients in the market. That means we keep learning and can apply this experience and benchmarks to delivering amazing performance to clients across all industries from FMCG clients like THP Group, Trung Nguyen, Lotte Group, Long Thanh Milk, Ritter Chocolate to brands like Mitsibushi, Techcombank, VPBank, Apax English and more.
  • Processes – Digital advertising is complex and managing campaigns across targeting factors like demographic, geographic, content, brand safety and more takes experience and clear processes. We have built solid campaign strategy and management structures that deliver precise results every time.
  • Efficiency – We have proven over and over again that we can achieve the best results at far more efficient costs than competitors and it shows in how fast we’re able to keep growing our client base and scale.

It’s not just Trueview, our team have achieved similar astonishing results in Bumper (CPM), GDN (CPM and CPC) and Facebook video campaigns.

Are you ready to take your next branding campaign to a whole new level? Talk to our team and find out how we can not just increase your campaign performance but save you money!

Bluesummit team at Google Premier Partner's Awards event 2018
The Bluesummit Team celebrating at the 2018 Google Premier Partners Awards Event!
Bluesummit News, Google Updates

Bluesummit Team Reach Finals of Google Premier Partner Awards for Search Innovation

December 3, 2018
Bluesummit team on stage at Google Premier Partner's Awards Event 2018.

Bluesummit have been announced as a finalist in 2018’s Google Premier Partner Awards for Search Innovation. As a newly formed business unit within the wider Blueseed Group, Bluesummit are ecstatic to add this to our growing list of client success stories.  The Blueseed Group have had a dedicated team offering services on the Google Ads (and others) platform since 2016. We became a Premier Partner in 2017 so it’s fantastic to keep the upwards trajectory going in 2018. There’s plenty more developments to come in 2019 in our new performance marketing dedicated identity!

Bluesummit announced finalists at Google Premier Partners Awards Event
Bluesummit – Blueseed Group’s newly formed Performance Marketing Department – are thrilled to be recognized for our success in Search Innovation in 2018. Our team are primed to continue at an even higher level in 2019!

Our winning campaign

…was focused on smart lead generation based on great search practices and carefully planned strategy. Our client was looking to gain leads across a broad range of locations and our campaign was managed at a location level to cater to this smoothly. Sky high quality scores drove campaign performance achieving huge click through rates (almost 13%) and conversion rates(over 5% click to lead). These rates more than double vertical averages and drove the campaign above and beyond client KPIs.


Google Premier Partners Award Finalist trophy

The Google Premier Partner Event 2018…

was a thrill for our team and a reward for our hard work throughout this year. It was great to be recognized amongst other Premier Partner agencies and hear about what’s in store from Google’s ever expanding advertising platform, most notably the conversion of search from typed to voice… but more on that later!


Bluesummit team at Google Premier Partner's Awards event 2018
Our team in attendance were thrilled with the result and also to be a part of the Premier Parntership program with Google.

Bluesummit’s Google Premier Partnership

Our team have enjoyed a close and successful 2018 partnership with Google undertaking extensive and valueable training. Our clients have also benefited as we work closely on strategy and optimization  whilst growing our range of services and value we deliver. In 2019 we will be taking this further. Looking to grow your business in 2019? Contact us and discover how we can help!