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Doom and Bloom – Finding The Positives Within Covid-19

March 25, 2020


Covid-19 has rocked people and our businesses the world over. But  it isn’t the end of the world. This may be a short term inconvenience but companies will be wise to focus on not just getting through the crisis but blooming on the other side.

Here’s some of our ideas on how you can find some positives in these challenging times:

1 – Advertising online is better value now than ever

When people can’t work normally or meet friends and head out for entertainment what do they do? They’re socially engaging on Facebook, they’re chatting and video calling family and friends on Messenger and Zalo, they’re binge watching video content on Youtube.

More people are more active online. Similar or even lower levels of advertising activity is being run.

Typically lower costs can be achieved for online brand awareness or performance campaigns right now!

Our team can analyze current potential for you as we’re running 100s of campaigns every month and have benchmark comparisions to previous years.

This Google supplied information shows that Youtube ad investment has returned to near pre-tet levels already.

2 – Most customer needs remain – some new ones are emerging

As Nielsen have tracked via their Modern Trade Scan research demand for many brands is booming. With online advertising more efficient than ever you can build your brand awareness and take advantage of extra consumption.

On top of this some of the hardest hit industries like hospitality and tourism could be about to face unprecedented new opportunities. Home delivery is the clear example in hospitality whilst it’s not hard to imagine domestic travel blooming in the coming months.

Being alert and considering new opportunities, products and services and ways of delivering them to take advantage of some of the changes that are emerging in these uncertain times.

3 – Competitors are hungry and will take advantage if you don’t

As mentioned above Covid-19 is a challenge but brings opportunities. Chances are your competitors are taking the chance to develop new areas of their business, building stronger customer relationships or offering special promotions to clients at this time. If you’re just waiting for this to all pass they’re going to likely come out the other side in a stronger position than you.

Have a think, what type of offer could appeal to your customers in these testing times?  What type of communication on social channels, in store or via other methods could demonstrate your unique brand value?

4 – To minimize interruption brands must maintain market positioning

We’re still heading into peak times for many industries. Also, it’s likely people will  change their behaviors after this abnormal period. They will be more likely to seek new experiences. They could be motivated to undertake study they have put off previously. They may feel like undertaking a domestic travel escape while uncertaintities exist overseas. To simply shut up shop due to uncertainty will set you behind your proactive competitors when things change for the better.

Building your reputation now, while people are considering many future plans will be essential to success in the coming months and years!

Slide from Google, Source: Nielsen Quarterly Market Pulse Report 2017, Average sales are calculated on 3-year data from Retail Measurement Services. Tet is from Jan to Feb (except Tet’15 = Feb-Mar); Summer is from May to Aug; And other months is the remaining 6 months of year

5 – Vietnam will hopefully come out of Covid-19 relatively early and fast

The Vietnamese government is earning international respect for their handling of this crisis. If they can truly minimize the damage it will continue the growth the country has enjoyed over the last decade. Also, many companies are now looking to diversify their supply chains away from China. Vietnam remains a very attractive business destination.

Now’s the time to prepare your staff and marketing plans to fully bloom and take advantage of all the opportunities in the better times when they arrive!

We are helping many clients grow their business through these difficult times. You can talk to our team any time and help to plan your way through these challenging times.



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Bluesummit’s Favourite 2019 Vietnam MMA Smarties Awards Entries

December 11, 2019

Whilst we were totally focused on the Bond Club’s nomination for the best Best Relationship Building/CRM campaign the Gala Presentation Event gave us a great chance to see some of the other best work happening in the digital space in the Vietnam marketing market.

Let’s be honest, these types of events can be a bit repetitive… Add some form of AR/AI/(insert new buzzword here) technology to FMCG packaging and make a fancy case study clip with a few big numbers and you’ll fit right in!

Fortunately this year’s event had some great example of new, exciting mobile based marketing executions that we’re impressed and inspired by! Here’s our top 4:

Bitis Smart – A Shoe Can Make Kids Smarter – Mobile App Advertising Winner

Bitis challenged the notion that kids need to study almost every waking hour to get ahead. The campaign used mobile technology to educate parents that physical activity is actually crucial to childrens brain’s development. Bitis Smart tracked and reported in a mobile app kids levels of activity and helped them encourage their children to get optimal levels of excercise. The campaign effectively makes Bitis’ kids shoes a responsible choice to parents whilst also helping to change long held societal perceptions.

Durex – Love. Sex. Repeat – Mobile Social Winner

In the social media age brands are challenged to interact in ways to remain relevant amongst the latest trends. On top of this audiences are forever weary of typcial advertising messages. Durex sit in an increasingly sensitive space with the topic of sex being highly taboo in Vietnam’s society. Durex took their social content head first into topics permeating every day life and connected them to sensitive sexual topics in a native and entertaining way. The brand created impressive creative concepts throughout the year gathering incredible reach making a memorable impression on their target audience.

Google – Easy Questions Don’t Always Have Easy Answers – Location Based Services or Targeting AND Programmatic Winner

More than a company Google is a verb! The mission to sort the world’s information has been revolutionary and profitable but they’re not stopping yet. This case study helped to promote use of Google’s search engine in a smart and programmatic way. It connected user location to creative to increase relevance whilst showcasing the convenience of asking Google rather than people around you.

As a Premier Partner of Google this type of use of their platform across the full Google Ads platform is an example of the levels of performance marketing we can reach in our clients ongoing campaigns.

Lifebuoy Infection Alert System – Best in Show Winner

Lifebuoy Infection Alert System managed to connect the Lifebuoy brand to the very real issue of disease outbreak and creating locally relevant advertising creatives at key times. The campaign utilized real time information from weather forecasts and search behavior to discover when diseases could be about to break out and serve localized ads alerting mums to the risk in their area. Making the creative driven by a real risk in their actual area Lifebuoy were able to create a far more compelling message than typical brand building campaigns would do.


Finally if you’ve somehow missed it check out our winning campaign:


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Blueseed Group Win Gold at 2019 MMA Smarties Awards

November 4, 2019


Great news from the MMA Smarties Awards Gala Dinner!

Blueseed’s Bond Club campaign for Bluescope Colorbond was recognized as the Gold Award winner in the Relationship Building/CRM category. Our campaign was also singled out as one of the top campaigns in show to be presented during the MMA Impact event attended by 400 of Vietnam’s top digital marketing professionals. You can read the case study in detail in this article.

Why is the Bond Club so unique?

We knew we had a great campaign but to have it recognized like this is a thrill to say the least. The Bond Club is unique in that we built a truly substantial brand asset upon which Colorbond can drive true thought leadership and engagement whilst feeding their traditional sales team with high level Customer Relationship insights.

One of the key features of the Bond Club is it’s ability to score prospects in real time feeding Colorbond’s traditional ‘offline’ marketing approaches like industry events, direct sales consultations and more. Our online digital profile now helps identify the right prospects to focus sales efforts on helping increase the conversion rate of the overall sales process.

How is Digital Marketing Relevant to B2B Relationship Building?

Advances in data management and artificial intelligence are allowing us to move from simply reaching our target audience to truly measuring the impact and nurture prospects into qualified customers in 1 seamless pipeline.

We built an engagement platform (the Bond Club App) and utilized latest Customer Data Platform approaches to gain detailed relationship insights on each and every consumer who engaged with our platform. With these detailed and accurate customer profiles Colorbond can now bring the right marketing messages and offers to the right prospects in real time. Automating this process means they can scale their sales efforts immensely increasing their reach and relevance at all times.

Can this approach work for your company?

In short, 100% yes! What we did for the Bond Club can work in many circumstances.

Blueseed’s unique data capabilities and performance marketing leadership can do this for any client whether B2C or B2B. Depending on your brand’s positioning and consumer profile we can create meaningful ways to engage your audience and build marketing funnel insights that will help you  convert more prospects into active clients in a 100% measurable way.

Contact us today to start designing your Customer Data Platform!

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Bluesummit Team Smash Youtube Trueview Performance Barriers

May 7, 2019

The Blueseed Group was born on leading the shift to online video advertising. Over recent year’s we’ve expanded from Vietnam’s leading Digital Video Ad Network to also cover advertising formats into international platforms including Facebook, Youtube and more.

It was in this space that Bluesummit was formed as a dedicated performance marketing agency. Upon mention of performance marketing thoughts often drift to direct response advertising. Cost Per Lead(CPL), Cost Per Sale(CPS), Cost Per Conversion metrics sit top of mind. These traditional response based campaigns are key Bluesummit services however Performance and Brand Awareness Marketing now clearly overlap.

Brand Awareness Has Shifted Towards Performance

The focus of branding has moved increasingly towards ensuring the right target audience are reached and that an actual response. This can be brand consideration or purchase intent must be measured, proven and achieved. Changing the basis of Brand Awareness Marketing like this is causing rapid development in online digital video advertising. Blueseed Ad Network has lead the local publisher’s evolution in this space and continues to do so. At the same time both Facebook and Youtube are pushing this space on a global stage and obviously that carries through into the Vietnam market.

Bluesummit Leads Youtube Trueview Brand Awareness Performance

In the past 12 months Bluesummit emerged as a leader in Video Brand Awareness advertising on the Youtube and Facebook platforms.

Here’s some of the key factors driving Bluesummit’s incredible Brand Awareness Performance Marketing Growth:

  • Team – Our award winning performance marketing team are the best trained campaign management experts in the market. Our Premier Partnership with Google and ongoing internal training means our team are always at the cutting edge of all forms of performance!
  • Scale – We’ve delivered more than 480m TrueView video views in the last 12 months (until April 30th 2019)! Up more than 266% from the 12 months prior and an average of 7.5 30 second video views to EVERY ONE of the 64m Vietnamese online population. With that scale our team can handle even the largest campaigns in the market.
  • Clients – We work with the biggest and best clients in the market. That means we keep learning and can apply this experience and benchmarks to delivering amazing performance to clients across all industries from FMCG clients like THP Group, Trung Nguyen, Lotte Group, Long Thanh Milk, Ritter Chocolate to brands like Mitsibushi, Techcombank, VPBank, Apax English and more.
  • Processes – Digital advertising is complex and managing campaigns across targeting factors like demographic, geographic, content, brand safety and more takes experience and clear processes. We have built solid campaign strategy and management structures that deliver precise results every time.
  • Efficiency – We have proven over and over again that we can achieve the best results at far more efficient costs than competitors and it shows in how fast we’re able to keep growing our client base and scale.

It’s not just Trueview, our team have achieved similar astonishing results in Bumper (CPM), GDN (CPM and CPC) and Facebook video campaigns.

Are you ready to take your next branding campaign to a whole new level? Talk to our team and find out how we can not just increase your campaign performance but save you money!

Bluesummit team at Google Premier Partner's Awards event 2018
The Bluesummit Team celebrating at the 2018 Google Premier Partners Awards Event!
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Google Wins First FAA Approval For Consumer Products (USA) – What Will This Mean For Digital Commerce?

April 24, 2019

The future is here and it’s exciting!

As reported by the Wall Street Journal on April 23rd, Wing Aviation – a Google owned company – has received the first U.S. authorization to operate a fleet of unmanned aircraft for consumer-goods deliveries in Virginia. Wing will now be able to run an unmanned aerial delivery service exploring potential challenges in security, privacy and execution with an eye to expanding to other regions.

The WSJ reports that competitors including Amazon have also been working very hard in this space. With Amazon’s recent increase in activity in the Vietnam market and a fast growing e-commerce industry establishing itself perhaps this type of technology could head our way sooner than anyone could have expected.

What’s this all mean for Bluesummit clients? It means that the age of increased automation over entire transactions continues to draw closer. A voice search for a local service on a phone can trigger ads for relevant services, even reminders via retargeting across Youtube and leading websites then following an online purchase a delivery can be made in increasingly quickly covering a wider ranges of goods including food and other products with limited shelf lives.

Our team are always following the latest trends in digitalization and how to harness the opportunities this exciting ‘connected’ 4th Industrial Revolution. Contact us to discover how your company can prepare itself for tomorrow’s opportunities!

Bluesummit is a Premier Google partner and a finalist of the Google Partners Search Innovation Awards in 2018!