A lot of businesses, including ours, are frantically considering what the current Covid-19 pandemic means to their short and long term prospects. Rightfully so, this situation is something we’ve never seen. Furthermore it’s far from done, the final implications could go beyond what we’re already fearing. In this time it’s important consider what you can do for during this period and in preparation for beyond.

Facebook has become the key news and inspiration platform in this day and age. Our friends, brands and trusted media sources share the latest information, updates and breaking news. Chances are you’ve found most of the updates throughout this Covid-19 saga right there in your timeline rather than on the TV or Newspapers of yesteryear. Increasingly governments and other bodies are embracing the connected power Facebook

Facebook are taking a leading have published 3 guides for businesses through these times. One for all businesses, one for travel based businesses and one for E-commerce players.

We hope they can help you in some way to get through this incredibly tough time. Either scan the key points here or download the full reports yourself for a full read:

Safe and Sound: How businesses can respond to the Coronavirus

1 – Keep yourself, your employees and your customers safe and informed – Information is changing daily, keep up to make sure you’ve got full knowledge to deal with the situation.

2 – Highlight important information and announcements

3 – Consider alternative channels – perhaps physical meetings are impossible but there are digital alternatives.

4 – Respond to customer service queries – Customers will be looking for clear information, make it available and easy to find.

5 – Provide clarity through FAQs – This is an uncertain time, make commonly asked questions easily available to create peace of mind and convenient feedback.

You can download the full report here: Safe and Sound How businesses can respond to the coronavirus

Download the full report for travel businesses here: Travel Advertisers Playbook_Covid19

Download the full report for E-commerce businesses here: Ecommerce Advertisers Playbook_Covid19

If you have any further queries about your marketing now and in the Coronavirus recovery period please contact us below.

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