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Google Wins First FAA Approval For Consumer Products (USA) – What Will This Mean For Digital Commerce?

April 24, 2019 | Industry News

The future is here and it’s exciting!

As reported by the Wall Street Journal on April 23rd, Wing Aviation – a Google owned company – has received the first U.S. authorization to operate a fleet of unmanned aircraft for consumer-goods deliveries in Virginia. Wing will now be able to run an unmanned aerial delivery service exploring potential challenges in security, privacy and execution with an eye to expanding to other regions.

The WSJ reports that competitors including Amazon have also been working very hard in this space. With Amazon’s recent increase in activity in the Vietnam market and a fast growing e-commerce industry establishing itself perhaps this type of technology could head our way sooner than anyone could have expected.

What’s this all mean for Bluesummit clients? It means that the age of increased automation over entire transactions continues to draw closer. A voice search for a local service on a phone can trigger ads for relevant services, even reminders via retargeting across Youtube and leading websites then following an online purchase a delivery can be made in increasingly quickly covering a wider ranges of goods including food and other products with limited shelf lives.

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