Some great research has been shared from Infocus Mekong Research on the social impact on Vietnamese lives compated to the attitudes to the fight against the virus.

Put simply, according to the survey the impact is incredibly harsh! As many as 45% aren’t working and another 35% are working on reduced salary and hours due to the virus’ impacts.

source –

Despite the sky high impact on working lives of the Vietnamese the survey found there is overwhelming support for the government’s Social Distancing policy which has just continued into a 3rd week in the major cities. Seemingly, this can be attributed to the great results limiting the health damage done by the virus to the Vietnamese population.

The Government should continue Social distancing Past April 15, to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread. Source –

Infocus Mekon Research Managing Director Ralf Matthaes commented – “With 35% of people on reduced pay and work hours and another 45% having either lost their livelihoods, or at least temporarily, it is a clear indication that Vietnamese are placing Health and Family above the Mighty Dong.” You can find some more great insights from Infocus Mekong Research on their website.

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